"My Tuscany" on DVD
"My Tuscany" on DVD
The DVD is a slideshow presentation containing a selection of my photographs on Tuscany taken since the 1990’s, including most recent shots.
What is a slideshow?
It’s a projection of alternating fixed images which appear and dissolve on the screen, accompanied by a musical background.
It can be viewed either on PC Windows and Mac computers or on TV screens, PAL or NTSC (all the latest TV models will support both video standards).

On "My Tuscany" DVD you'll discover all the stunning richness of this region in just about 25 minutes: Florence and Siena, country landscapes, mountains and seascapes, colors and villages, Places of Faith, people with their traditions... and many more.

Total length: 25' 07" with 320 slides
Unit Price: €15  plus shipping outside Italy