photographs organized into original projects

My photographic projects are a collection of images (from a minimum of 20 to a maximum of 40) organized according to aesthetic criteria or following the guideline of a story.

The photographic typologies are four:

- City and Architecture

- Landscape

- Minimalism and Colors

- Figurative Abstractions

These last two categories, giving the aesthetic affinities, are related together.

The first three categories clearly do not need of explanations.
The fourth is instead an interesting oxymoron to describe a subject captured in its everyday life but transformed, or even distorted by a non common lighting, dense shadows with hard edges or a very close framing which at first glance make it unrecognizable.
Almost an abstraction, precisely.


Crete Senesi

The Crete Senesi landscapes shot through the passing of the seasons. The fascinating sense of eternal transiency of a landscape. A photographic project by Andrea Bonfanti.

The Breathing And The Rhythm Of The Earth

The rhythm of the rolling hills and the illusory breathing of the earth in the Crete Senesi, a lunar landscape just two steps away from Siena. A photo project by Andrea Bonfanti.

The Rhythm Of The Sea

The rhythm of the North Sea is the one marked daily by the comings and goings of the tides. When the sea retracts, slowly, inexorably, the beach stretches as far as the eye can see... Most of the pics here were taken in the village of St. Idesbald (Koksijde beach, Belgium).

More Than Chocolate and Beer

For Brussels, the famous maxim of Heraclitus "Panta rei" is valid; here everything flows, with Belgian slowness, like the river of cars that clog rue Belliard at rush hour. Nothing is really definitive here, so you always come back gladly.

In Florence With Dante

A Florentine journey guided by the terzine of the Divine Comedy. Dante Alighieri himself will acccompany you in the Florence of the Middle Ages. The photographs show on this project are a short list taken from my book "In Florence With Dante" that you can purchase on this site or in the best bookstores in Florence.

The Medieval Fountains of Siena

Discovering and re-discovering the beauty of Siena through the monumental magnificence of its medieval fountains

Viewpoints and Embroideries of Colors

The islands of Lanzarote and Santorini, famous for their glorious sunsets, are captured here in their most intimate and essential aspects where lines, shapes and colors of architectures prevail...

Piazza On Stage

I imagined the Tuscan Piazzas as a great theatrical stage in which the palaces, churches, statues, the passing people too and even their shadows were the unwitting actors of a daily play...

Unusual and Unexpected Florence

Some photographs shot here and there showing an unusual and unexpected Florence with colorful details, chiaroscuro on the walls and some strange abstract reflections...